Frequently Asked Questions

Voice experts are the Speech-language pathologists also known as SLPs. They are licensed and certified to treat many types of communication and other issues with Speech.
We don’t work directly with any insurance company. However, you can always print a copy of the payments and share with your insurance company for reimbursement.
Currently we are limiting access to voice experts to the country and region mapped to the registered user.
No, we don’t store any vocal recordings. We filter and analyze your voice and capture inputs, store the inputs to share with you and then delete the voice sample that was analyzed.
Please go the settings menu where you can snooze the voice analysis service for a few hours or stop the service. If you stop the service, you will have to come into the settings menu again and restart the service.
We respect your privacy and don’t share any of our data with any 3rd party companies.
Please make sure your phone meets the hardware and software requirements that we have listed. If you meet those requirements and are still facing issues, please contact our technical support team at